🙌 Discover Alicia, the first AI Phone consultant and secretary. Enjoy 3 min. of free calls.

Callin.io is transforming the landscape of voice AI technology...

Discover a revolutionary level of voice AI assistant that goes beyond traditional methods such as IVR or robocalls, thrusting your business into a world of endless opportunities.


Think you know what voice AI assistants can do for you? Think again…

Callin cutting-edge voice AI incorporates the latest technologies including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s PaLM2 to bring you best-of-breed voice AI assistants to support your business needs.

Our voice AI assistants use two key components:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

helps us analyse and synthesise human speech and speech patterns.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

allows us to interpret spoken sentences and understand the intended meaning.

In short, our voice AI assistants have the ability to understand and engage with your customers' queries, resulting in a more natural and human-like experience.



Make and take calls at scale with a voice AI assistant, and supercharge your call capabilities.

Capture leads and book appointments with Lisa, answer business FAQs with Alicia, call to remind customers or simply re-engage – all with the ability to expand as you grow.


Customised Experience

Choose your voice personality and language, to tailor your voice AI assistant to your brand.

Make the tone and personality of your voice AI fit the expectations of your customers. Stay on-brand, always.

Real Time Data Insights

Discover insights in your call data and transcripts, including trends and top responses.

Uncover the stories within your customer conversations and leverage these insights to fuel campaigns and enhance customer service.

Trusted For Payments

Guide your end users to a secure payment platform for seamless payment processing.

Deliver immediate payment options to customers, seizing every opportunity through a secure payment platform of your choice.

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Data Security

Stay secure and meet your regulatory requirements with GDPR compliance.

Make sure your customers’ data is used and stored in line with the information management guidelines for your territory.


Connect your platform with Callin leading Voice AI technology to achieve better communication experience and business outcomes.


ROI for membership renewals in a single campaign

Up to 200K

phone calls handled on a single day

3 Million

minutes of AI-human conversations processed in the past 12 months

Grow your organisation with us

Drive customer action

Our AI intelligently initiates phone calls, detects and leaves voicemail, answers returned calls, sends dynamic SMS, email, IMs and more.

Fast impact

Deploy in 5-15 business days and spend only 2-5 hours during the initial setup stage.

Quick growth

Our technology is designed to grow with you. Our AI can make as many calls as you need.

Deeper insights

Our AI is designed to ask open-ended questions, gather information and deliver insights.

Getting curious? Let’s talk more

If Callin.io sounds like a great way to turbo-boost your outgoing and incoming calls, let’s connect. We’d love to tell you more.

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