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Enhancing Your Business with AI-Driven Conversational Marketing

Discover how Callin.io can enhance your conversational marketing strategy for your small business by deploying an AI voice agent, AI secretary, or AI marketing agent. Integrate it effortlessly into your business website through a web form or pop-up in just 15 minutes.

Voice AI assistant to empower your frontline

⁠Elevate your frontline team’s service capacity with voice AI assistants. Let AI handle tier 1 inquiries, freeing up your customer support agents to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Enhance operational efficiency while simultaneously improving your overall customer experience.

Why Choose Callin.io?

Enable your support team to consistently deliver exceptional

conversational ai bot for customer service

Streamlining Customer Engagement with AI for Small Businesses.

The installation process is straightforward and accessible: simply download and install a WordPress plugin. Once installed, you can create your first AI agent consultant by setting up an account on Callin.io. This AI tool can manage routine customer queries efficiently, allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks and improving the overall customer service experience. 

Effortless Customization and Training of Your AI Voice Bot with Callin.io

You can create a new agent by customizing greetings, AI prompts, and a call to action. Using Callin.io’s WordPress plugin and the RAG feature, you can train your first AI voice bot in just a few seconds by uploading your source of knowledge, such as website text or transcripts from previous phone conversations. This process enables you to tailor the AI to reflect your brand’s voice and effectively respond to your specific customer needs.

ai virtual business secretary

Enhancing Self-Service Efficiency with Voice AI

Streamline your self-service options for customers. Your voice AI can assist with FAQs, self-service forms, onboarding processes, and beyond. By optimizing the use of self-service tools, you can improve customer satisfaction and lighten your main workload.

Smart Routing and Instant Support Access for Customers

Make sure your customers connect quickly with the right support team! Pre-authenticate and smartly direct your customers to the appropriate agents for tier 2 support. This approach ensures immediate service for the customer and a smarter way to automate the sorting of customer inquiries.

ai powered virtual assistant
ai powered voice bot

Increase your team's capacity and decrease costs with voice AI assistants

Quickly optimize your operations in just a few days and realize almost immediate ROI without increasing your live agent team. Manage high volumes of inquiries, spikes in demand, and staffing issues using your voice-based AI chatbot.

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of end users reported a positive experience from speaking with our AI


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