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About us

Our conversational voice AI assistant enables businesses to proactively engage with their customers and automate customer service conversations. That’s greater efficiency, improved outcomes and most importantly, a better customer experience.

Our mission

Our goal is to assist businesses in transforming customer engagement through scalable voice AI technology.

Our values

We stand as daring pioneers, setting the path for others to follow. 
We move swiftly, yet never compromise on quality. Above all, we are deeply committed to our customers, passionately focused on solving their challenges!

Our story

Callin.io was conceived in July 2023 when our founder posed the question, “What if we create an AI specifically for phone conversations, startig from the power of ChatGPT?”

Recognizing the constraints of the current intent-matching AI systems, he aimed to develop an AI capable of posing open-ended questions and extracting insights from human interactions.

Now, our platform empowers businesses to revolutionize their communication with customers through proactive engagement strategies. In just the past five months, we have facilitated over 9 million minutes of AI-human conversational exchanges.

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