🙌 Discover Alicia, the first AI Phone consultant and secretary. Enjoy 3 min. of free calls.

The ChatGPT-powered voice AI agent transforms FAQs into a growth catalyst

By integrating Callin voice AI technology with ChatGPT, we present a state-of-the-art AI agent capable of addressing business-related frequently asked questions (FAQs) over the phone around the clock.

Meet Alicia, the AI agent equipped to handle queries from both your external customers and internal employees. With Alex, you can be operational in less than 48 hours, allowing your team to dedicate more time to revenue-generating tasks.

Introducing Alicia, the ultimate voice AI agent tailored to manage FAQs over the phone

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All inquiries resolved

Alicia, the AI agent, is dedicated to addressing all frequently asked questions round-the-clock over the phone, granting your team the flexibility to concentrate on more intricate inquiries.

Alicia, the AI agent, handles all frequently asked questions over the phone 24/7, allowing your team to dedicate time to more complex inquiries.

For both customer-facing and internal support

Whether it’s FAQs from internal teams within your business or external customers, Alicia can promptly answer any question, eliminating wait times entirely and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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conversational ai assistant

Up and running in under 5 minutes

Quick to deploy and operational in less than 5 minutes. Once we have access to your knowledge base, FAQ articles, or website content, Alex is prepared to support your team the following day!

Cut down expenses

Feeling the pressure to minimize operational costs for your business function? We provide the most cost-effective solution for enhancing customer experience.

By automating the management of repetitive inquiries and increasing your service capacity, Alicia aids your business in surmounting the impediment of hiring restrictions to facilitate growth.

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