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Typically, businesses fail to answer 57% of incoming calls. Just one missed call can mean a loss of thousands in potential revenue. Is this a challenge for your business? With Lisa, ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Guarantee that every call is answered and every potential lead is captured, around the clock.

Every missed call is potential lost revenue

The cost of a missed call is larger than you think. You lose out on immediate revenue from new customers. Missed calls also have a ripple effect on repetitive business and growth in the long run.

Why not have AI answer your calls? Lisa, the AI phone answering assistant can also help you book more appointments, share your website or pricing information via a text message, instantly.

AI helps you book

Never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers. Lucy ensures that every missed call is promptly answered, and can instantly share your appointment booking link. Whether it’s a link to your HubSpot meeting calendar or your app, Lucy shares this information with the caller through a text message in real time.

Lisa is designed for businesses of all sizes

Whether you run a small or medium-sized business, that one missed call could cost you thousands in missed income.
You might receive 20 or 2,000 calls a week, but with Lucy, you never have to worry about missing another sales enquiry or opportunity again.

Send a website or pricing list in real-time via text message

Chances are, many of your missed calls come from potential customers eager to learn more about your business and enquire about pricing. Even when you’re occupied, Lucy can promptly handle every call, and send a link with pricing information via SMS in real-time. And with immediate access to call transcripts, you can instantly follow up with your leads.

24/7, after hours or even when you are on vacation

Extend service hours beyond the 9-to-5 without hiring new staff. ⁠Lucy answers missed call 24/7, takes messages and sends a text message with more information to your caller (predefined by you).
You instantly get an email and text message notifying you of a call, so you can promptly follow up with leads without losing any time.

Integrate with ease


Lisa consistently responds to every call, without fail

Ensure you never miss a crucial call or business lead with Lisa, your AI phone answering assistant.
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