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Increase service capacity with Voice AI assistants

Increase the capacity of your frontline team, enhance operational efficiency, and liberate your customer support agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

Voice AI assistant to empower your frontline

⁠Elevate your frontline team’s service capacity with voice AI assistants. Let AI handle tier 1 inquiries, freeing up your customer support agents to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Enhance operational efficiency while simultaneously improving your overall customer experience.

Why Choose Callin.io?

Enable your support team to consistently deliver exceptional

conversational ai bot for customer service

Partner with voice AI assistants to address tier 1 customer inquiries.

Harness the power of automation for your helpdesk and scale your customer support operations. Utilize your personalized voice AI assistant to manage a large volume of incoming calls. Address and resolve common customer queries and requests, thereby enhancing your customer experience (CX).

Liberate your live agents to concentrate on high-value tasks

Allow your digital voice AI assistant to handle the heavy lifting, freeing up your human support team to concentrate on higher-value activities such as resolving complex problems or nurturing your valued customer relationships.

ai virtual business secretary

Guide more customers towards your self-service solutions

Simplify the use of your self-service tools for customers. Your voice AI can aid customers with FAQs, self-service forms, onboarding, and more. Maximize the benefits of self-service, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce your primary workload.

Guarantee that your customers are swiftly directed to the appropriate support team!

Ensure your customers reach the appropriate support team promptly! Pre-authenticate and intelligently route your customers to the right agents for tier 2 support. This guarantees zero wait time for the customer and a more intelligent approach to automating the filtering of customer inquiries.

ai powered virtual assistant
ai powered voice bot

Increase your team's capacity and decrease costs with voice AI assistants

Scale your operations within 5-10 business days and achieve near-immediate ROI without the need to expand your team of live agents. Address high inquiry volumes, demand surges, and staffing challenges with your voice-based AI chatbot.

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